Exploring The Exhale: Creativity, Presence, And Breath work


The Power of the Exhale

Inhale, exhale. If you’ve ever been in a yoga class writing a mental to do list, or journalling and found yourself thinking of your weekly meal prep shopping list, you know “Inhale. Exhale.” is sometimes harder than it looks.

Today we’re going to explore how focusing on slower, more present-moment-focused activities can take you from “mind full” to “mindful”.

Just A Note: There’s a chance that not everything we explore today is something you’ll put in place in your daily life. But  you just might find yourself much more present, aware, and relaxed if you try some of these out for yourself.

So let’s look at 3 simple Inhale-exhale style activities that can bring you into the present and keep you feeling a sense of balance they do.

Mindful Breathing and Meditation

You might love the experience of meditation. You might recoil at the mere mention of it. But one thing is for sure, you’re pretty aware that it’s a practice worthy of giving it a try.

While some might teach you that sitting in silent, disciplined, and lengthy meditations are the way to go, today we’d like to introduce two other ways to bring meditation into your life, no matter how familiar or comfy you might be with the concept already.

First up is mindful breathing. Just as our post opened with “Inhale. Exhale.” you can implement this into your morning ritual or throughout your day while taking a break, or even before bed. For some people just noticing their inhale and their exhale is enough. You might want to add a thought like “I’m inhaling. I’m exhaling” or “Let. Go” as you breathe in and out. Whatever you choose, bringing attention to your breath is sure to help you find your present moment and can ward off anxieties that plague you when you worry about the last moment or the next.

Another meditation we’d like to share is moving meditation. While you go for a walk, wash your dishes, sit by the water, or are stuck in traffic you can do a moving meditation. The only required step is to make yourself aware of your surroundings and your internal experience in this moment. You might say to yourself “I notice that the sky is bright and clear today. I can sort of still see the moon over there.” as you sit in morning traffic. This may allow you to be less frustrated with the fact that you're in traffic, and if nothing else you can appreciate the smell of your coffee, the song on your playlist, and the fact that you can take deep breaths in and out as you wait. Is it going to be a rainbows and butterflies moment? Probably not. Is it going to be better than anxiously and frustratedly getting worked up about the person trying to merge from the right lane for no reason? We think it might help.

Journalling and Creative Time

Another way to allow yourself an inhale and an exhale in your daily life is to schedule your free time (Yes. We mean it.) Scheduling time to do things like journal or get creative can mean that you have prioritized your inhale and exhale, your well-being, your refocusing on the present moment. Taking time to reflect on your inner life, your past, your present, and your future dreams through journaling can be an awesome and deeply fulfilling experience. It can be a chance to really explore how you think and feel about something. To make this particular exercise more present-moment-focused, try journaling in the morning (right after you wake up can be helpful). You can write about the thoughts you are having as you start your day, how your body is feeling today, or the gratitude and hope you hold for the day at this moment.

If writing is something that feels more like work than relaxation at this moment, we’d still encourage you to find your way to get creative. Do you love taking pictures? Making pottery? Painting? Playing music? Singing? Have you always wanted to try one of these things or something like it? Taking time to explore your creative expression is rooted in the present moment because you are creating now. You are making something, be it a sound or a picture, that did not exist before this moment. This practice is an amazing and mindful way to allow the anxieties, stresses, and worries to dissolve as you explore your present moment creativity.


Mindful Eating and Savoring During The Eating Experience

The last way to take an inhale and an exhale in the present moment involves something that’s near and dear to our founder Marilyn’s heart: Food!

It’s hard not to savor every bite of Marilyn’s food at Langosta Lounge, Pop’s, The Yacht Club, and at her catered events, but even if you’re not local to Asbury you can try this one out for yourself.

The next time you are ready to eat try to do so without distraction. Turn of the TV, unplug from your phone, and sit with yourself (and the people you’re with if you are not on your own) as you eat. Pay attention to the sights, smells, sounds (sometimes things sizzle and crunch, right?) and of course tastes as you eat. You might want to offer yourself or someone else, gratitude for the food as you eat. You may want to create thoughts and feelings for yourself like “I love the spiciness of this channa masala” or “The fish in this ceviche is delicate and perfectly prepared.”

When we eat mindfully and savor each bite, we tend not to over-eat. We also tend to feel more satisfied and more connected to our own body and to those we might be dining with. The present moment awareness of your food, its flavor, and your enjoyment of it can really bring a greater balance to how you relate to food and how you choose to eat throughout the day. It’s definitely a practice worth giving it a try.


A Final Note About Balance And The Exhale

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