The Power of the Exhale: Relaxing Into Summer Mode With Your Personal Relaxation Combination


A Month Devoted To The Exhale

This month at Wave Of Balance is all about relaxing into summer mode. We’re calling it “The Power of The Exhale” and we can’t wait to share all this relaxing awesome goodness with you.
So let’s get started.

I’ll Relax When I’m Done…

If just reading the the word“Relaxation” in the title of this blog had you feeling anything but relaxed, we’re with you. You might be running a business, working hard at your current job, managing to pull off a side hustle, volunteering, or caring for your family at home. You might be doing all of that and more. We get it and we’re here to challenge you to relax not in spite of all of those life demands, but because of them.

Your Personal Relaxation Combination

Today we’re going to talk about your Personal Relaxation Combination and how that can help you find your wave and balance all that you want to balance in your life. When you figure out how you relax and recharge most effectively, you’ll be better able to get ish done, kick but on your to-do list, and make time for the people and causes that matter most.

So what is a Personal Relaxation Combination?

This is the technique or set of techniques that help you take a break, a real break. And it starts, like most things, in your mind.

First Thing’s First

If you’re having trouble getting yourself to even consider taking a break it’s probably because you’ve got some thoughts in your head that tell you resting is quitting. The first step to finding your Personal Relaxation Combination is to decide that you are going to take time now so you can go for what you want full force in the future. This is the first part of everyone’s combination: Give yourself permission to relax. Without this part of the combo, you won’t fully relax, recharge, and reignite.

Now Customize It

The second part of your Personal Relaxation Combination (We’ll say PRC because it’s quicker) is the customized part. When you can, take a moment to think about what you would do if you had a day to yourself. You didn't have a deadline or a carpool, the kids don’t have music practice or softball after school. You don’t have any obligations. If it “hop on a flight to Puerto Rico”, then so be it. But what do you do when you’re there?
This is a big ask for most of us. We might feel called to things like “vacuum” “dishes” or things that make us feel productive. But if we’re honest some of those things are relaxing and others still cheat us out of the feeling of relaxation.

What Does It Look Like?

This second part of the combo could be turning off phone notifications, going for a bike ride, walking the boards, taking a train to the city to wander around, taking a nap, writing, going to a movie or concert, meeting a friend for lunch, exercising, meditating, painting or exploring a creative endeavor, cooking for enjoyment, it could be taking a long bath, it could be singing aloud to the radio in a car ride to nowhere, it could be sitting out back with your family  or simply sitting in the sunroom watching as the wind rustles leaves in the trees while the sun sets.

No Limits

We’d like to suggest that you not feel obligated to pick one singular thing and move along. Maybe you’d feel comfortable making a list and setting a time to try some of the things from that list out. You’ll know something on your list is working when you feel even slightly better after spending time just doing (or not doing) that thing. Notice how you feel in your body. Notice your thoughts. Notice how you interact with others, how productive you become, and how recharged you feel when you give yourself even 15 minutes to just put your Personal Relaxation Combination into action.


Amping Up Your PRC list

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