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“I Don’t Have Time” And Other Myths About Playing That You’re Totally Done Believing

This week we’ve got 3 myths about play time that we hope you’ll stop believing ASAP so you can truly enjoy the fun of riding your own wave of balance. If you’re looking to find more balance in your life you can check out our WOB product line here. Go play and ride your wave in a balanced way!

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Plays Well With Others: Ways You Can Create Connections While You Work On Your Play

We’re talking about community and connection with others this week and we’re using play as the jumping off point for all of that summer fun. Here are some ways you can connect as you play! Whether you’re looking to join a team, volunteer, or even fly solo WOB is there to fuel your play and keep your fun balanced as you ride your wave. To check out our full line of WOB products, visit our website! See you there!

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Getting Out There: The Power Of Playing Outdoors

It’s our favorite time of year here at the shore and we’re ready to talk all things outdoor play with you this week.  Whether you love a good hike, are into forest bathing, hit the beach, surf some waves, or walk the city with a determined skip in your step,  there’s no shortage of ways to play outside. Ready to get your summer going? You can pick up your WOB products here.

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July: Time To Work On How You Play!

The Wave of Balance Team is loving their summer so far and we hope you are too! We’re so excited to celebrate this season that we’re going to be spending July working on our Play!

Ready To Keep Your Work And Play Fueled? Check out our Moringa line!

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