Don't Believe The Hype: Why Balance Is A Myth (And Why The Truth Is Way More Personal Than You Think...)


Balance is a myth.

Okay. We said it. We’re a company that’s literally included “balance” in our name and we’ve still said it. But why?

Well because it’s true. The way that most people have turned “balance” into a buzz word has turned most people’s definition of balance into a lie. And that lie costs us a lot. Have you ever read an article about the “The 8 best ways to create work-life balance” you know what we mean. Often these articles offer things you can do (on top of what you’re already doing, of course) to make your life more “balanced”.

The trouble there is that the “balance” you’re being sold there is a perfection-driven definition where everything in your life becomes even. You have just enough time for everything. Your plate is full and you can still squeeze more in if you need to.

And that’s the balance myth we’re here to get rid of: That there’s a right way, a single way, or a perfect way to do balance. That you can get there and stay there and you’re not there because you’re doing something wrong.

The trouble you might have experienced when you attempt to bring balance to your life is one that we’ve experienced as well: We never really “get there” or “achieve balance”. In a culture that loves to praise people who have “made it” and idolizes people whose outward appearance or social media persona indicates that they’ve “got it all”, perfection and perfect balance can seem like actual things that we really can get if we just keep pushing. But that’s simply not the case.

Balance, whether it’s spiritual, mental, physical, or some other type, is not a place to arrive at beaten, battered, and battle-worn. It is a state of presence where we are taking the best care of ourselves that we can. It’s the act of caring for ourselves and those we love, of nourishing our bodies as best we can, and of accepting where we are while falling in love with where we are going too. Balance, in our minds, is less a destination, and more an adventure.


Ride Your Wave

At Wave of Balance we do not believe that life’s balance is destination, a formula, or something you’re “just not doing right”.  We haven’t bought into this balance myth because we know how that pursuit of perfection can leave us all feeling exhausted, rundown, unworthy, and unhealthy. We’ve been there, and we don’t want you to go it alone. We believe that balance is so much more than what the current media portrayal might suggest and we’re always honoring that belief in all we do.

That’s why we love our Moringa products so much: They help your body where it needs support and they’re so nutritious that they offer a variety of benefits that can fit into the gaps in your wellness practice seamlessly. They offer on-going support for you as you catch every wave your life provides and they treat the balance as an adventure rather than a mythical destination. Our products, like our customers, are fantastic, healthy, and absolutely unique.


Your Balance. Your Adventure.

So, when you hear us talk about WOB products helping you bring greater balance to your life, it’s simply our way of saying that WOB’s got your back as you enjoy your life’s adventure.

Over the months and years to come, we are so stoked to offer you products that help you with your balance adventure. We’ll help keep your body nourished so that you can spend your life thriving. We’ll also be straight up with you, offering superfood truth in a fun and helpful way. And we’ll highlight some amazing people, events, and ideas that will foster balance in your life and the lives of those around you.

We can’t wait to catch this Wave of Balance with you!

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