Balance As A Way Of Life


How You Can Find Your Balance

Here at Wave of Balance, we believe so much in the value of balance in our lives that we placed the word in our brand name. So, we thought that we’d spend today sharing some of our tips for creating balance in our lives.

The truth of the matter is that what this concept will look like in your life may be different than how it might show up in ours so we invite you to take this list and use it to guide how you think about the concept of balance. Then, go out there and create your own beautiful, bountiful, and balanced life.

Creating Awareness

One of the greatest ways to begin thinking about your own life’s delicate balance is to bring awareness to the various parts of your life and where you have your balance and where you may need to put your attention to create balance. Exploring how you show up in relationships, at work, with your family, in your community, and for yourself can all help you to bring awareness to the various parts of who you are. This awareness can guide you in your next steps. Do you feel so exhausted by midday that your afternoons at work are less productive and your family gets your emotional leftovers after the workday ends? Or are you energized all day long? Do you wake up with an aching stomach or still tired from the night before? Is your health suffering? Have your spiritual beliefs and practices fallen to the wayside? When we bring our attention to what is or is not working or harmoniously balanced in our lives we can create the motivation to make adjustments, to restore harmony and to move forward.

Taking Action

Once we acknowledge where we want to place our effort and how we want to create balance in our lives we can begin to take action. Are we going to get out into nature more? Visit family or friends more often? Are we going to spend more time exercising or meditating? Maybe it’s been a while since we picked up that paint brush. Whatever we decide to do in order to create a more balanced life, we can be sure that we’ll find it by taking thoughtful action.


Fostering Creative And Restful Space

While taking action is a valuable way to pursue balance in our lives, we can’t forget that rest, quiet, and even the act of doing nothing also have space in our lives. In a world that screams go, go, go in our ears like a TV drill sergeant, it can be easy to forget that sitting and sipping coffee with our partner on the porch, or standing ankle-deep in the ocean in the early morning taking a deep breath in can also be ways to restore balance. These simple moments of space and connection (to ourselves, our spirit, or other) can make all the difference

Making Balance A Lifestyle

While we might be tempted to turn balance into a to-do list just like we’ve done with most other things in life, it can often be more helpful to think of balance as a lifestyle. When we live thoughtful, purposeful lives, making decisions that respect the delicate harmony that’s present in our lives, we are sure to be more joyful in our approach to living than if we chase an ideal and worry about doing it all “right”. When balance becomes a matter of mindful decisions and loving kindness to ourselves and others, we’re sure to benefit and our communities and loved ones will too... in more ways than we know.

Adding Our Wave To Keep Your Balanced

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