Nicaragua: Where It All Began

There are those moments in life when you meet someone and you feel an instant connection that brings a smile to your soul and inspires you.

Some events in our lives can feel insignificant at first and yet we may find, looking back on them years later, that they were small moments with monumental impact. Some of our greatest dreams are ones we may not even know we have and some moment are truly an amazing example of the alignment of two souls and a single vision. The story of how Wave of Balance began, well that’s one of those stories.

 When I started visiting Haiti I ended up learning a bit about Moringa and its bountiful list of benefits. I initially bought some at a Papillion’s smoothie bar there and…well… I was in love!

Later, on my first visit to Nicaragua, I saw Moringa powder at a store near where I’d go sailing. After a day of sailing I brought the powder back to where they were staying and some friends came over for cocktails. “Do you know anything about Moringa?” I asked showing my guests the powder I’d bought. Yes, they knew about it and their knowledge was more extensive than you might imagine. My guests not only knew a good bit about Moringa, but also knew a Moringa farmer. After a bit of discussion, the guests introduced me to this farmer. I visited the farmer’s land and we chatted. The farmer had also invited a businessman named Mr. Soon to his farm.

When Soon and I met in Nicaragua over dinner we had an instant karmic connection. Since then he has been mentoring me as I bring Wave of Balance to life.

We stayed in touch and decided to begin a business relationship. Mr. Soon and I decided to partner in a Nicaraguan farm and Mr. Soon works with me on the business’ bottling, packaging, and product line approaches.

As a chef I’m is no stranger to the idea that dinner can be a powerful experience. So, you might say it’s no coincidence that Wave of Balance would be born of a single dinner- full of connection and trust. One dinner conversation fostered the creation of an entire line of Moringa products!

In that same spirit, I hope that you create connections this joyful and transformative in your own life and use Moringa to help you feel great as you do!

Coming Soon: We’ll be launching another line of Moringa products made from pressing the seed to get an oil. Be on the look-out for Oshin Oil, our everyday face-body-hair oil. We know you’re bound to fall in love with it!