Meet The WOB Founders

Meet The Wave Of Balance Founders

Do you have a dear friend or family member who owns a business or makes a product? If you’re anything like us, you probably feel pretty excited to buy something from them rather than a random company. It just makes sense. You know that person, you trust they’ll give you what you need, and you know you’re building a business that you really love.
That’s how our customers feel about Wave of Balance. Our customers get to know us like family or old friends, whether we’re across the street, across the country, or across an ocean. So,  today we’re going to introduce you to our two favorite Wave of Balance family members: Marilyn and Soon. (Don’t worry. As our WOB family grows you’ll get to meet them as well!)

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Soon Hong

Soon Hong, the Founder and CEO of Swanvive who partners with Marilyn in the Wave Of Balance journey, is a first-generation Korean-American businessman and father. Soon’s hard work and kindness drove him to pursue and achieve his American dream. And with the Moringa farm in Nicaragua, his Swanvive Moringa products, and his work with Marilyn on Wave Of Balance, Soon Hong is ready to give back to the world in a big way. He’s passionate about your health and happiness and knows that Moringa is a way to foster both.

Soon first realized the powerful healthful benefits of Moringa on a trip in 2012 and when he met Marilyn on a trip to Nicaragua (You can read about Marilyn’s Nicaragua trip here __ ), the two hit it off so well that their friendship would eventually become a partnership with Moringa at its heart. While the trips Soon Hong and Marilyn took served to put things in motion for the creation of Swanvive and Wave of Balance, Moringa itself has been used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years to cure various ailments and illnesses in that tradition of medicine.

Soon’s goal since that trip in 2012 has been to bring Moringa to the “human family” as he calls it. He knows the way that Moringa has contributed to his own wellness journey, and he wants to share that experience with you.

Marilyn Schlossbach

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Marilyn Schlossbach is the Executive Chef and Owner of The Marilyn Schlossbach Group in New Jersey which is home to Langosta Lounge, Pop’s Garage, Asbury Park Yacht Club, and Marilyn Schlossbach Catering and Events. She’s a local changemaker, partnering with Interfaith Neighbors who run Kula Cafe and Kula Urban Farm, working on local surf and art projects, and collaborating with the Boys and Girls Club. She also works with organizations like Clean Ocean Action, The Surfrider Foundation, and The American Littoral Society, to name a few as they work tirelessly to protect the environment.

Her Moringa supplement company (Wave of Balance), her cookbook (Feed This Community) and her gourmet mushroom company (Two River Mushrooms) are also growing this year. When she is not in one of her pavilion-style restaurants, cultivating her newest business venture, or making a difference out in her local community, Marilyn travels, creates, and spends time with her twin daughters, Hari Mar and Rubi Dee, and her artist husband Scott Szegeski.

Marilyn is ecstatic to bring you Wave of Balance because she knows how amazing this tree has been for her in her life. Marilyn believes in the power of Moringa to help us create a natural balance in our lives and she can’t wait for you to experience that for yourself!

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