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Our Mission

Marilyn Schlossbach: chef, author, philanthropist, founder of Wave of Balance.

Marilyn Schlossbach: chef, author, philanthropist, founder of Wave of Balance.


DEC 2018

The mission of Wave of Balance, as articulated by founder Marilyn Schlossbach, is:

“Wellness with soul & a conscience.”

Beginning with the MORINGA line, WAVE OF BALANCE seeks to improve life balance through sustainable products that focus on wellness & community engagement.

Future WAVE OF BALANCE products to be announced soon!

about marilyn SCHLOSSBACH

Marilyn Schlossbach is above all a lover of nature, gastronomy and community. Marilyn’s culinary focus is to explore all the gastronomic possibilities of local ingredients. She transcends the boundaries of the kitchen as an active citizen, valuing the small producer, encouraging young professionals & supporting her various local not-for-profit ventures.

Marilyn's community work includes collaborations with Interfaith Neighbors, Asbury Park’s Kula Café and Urban Farm, Boys and Girls Club of Asbury Park, Clean Ocean Action, Surfrider Foundation, American Littoral Society and Waves 4 Water, and the efforts of her own nonprofit Food For Thought By The Sea.

Off the clock, Marilyn spends time with her twin girls Hari Mar & Rubi Dee and artist husband Scott Szegeski, relishing life at the Jersey Shore and traveling for continued inspiration.


COMING SOON: Information about the Nicaraguan farm we’re partnered with!


Wave of Balance is committed to giving to organizations and non-profits that promote, empower, and support women.